Prize And Scholarship


  • Those who stood 1st , 2nd and 3rd in the Annual Examination in each year from class ‘v’ to class ‘ix’.
  • Those who secured star marks in the Madhyamik Pariksha from our school.
  • Those who stood 1st ,2nd and 3rd in each stream in Annual Examination of class ‘xi’.
  • Those who stood 1st,2nd & 3rd in each stream in the school in H.S Examination.

AWARDS (Given By our Teachers)

Tulsicharan Dutta Memorial Award Shyam Sundar Datta(H.M) Highest marks in Chemistry in H.S Exam .
Laxminarayan Pandit Memorial Award Partha Sarathi Pandit(A.H.M) Highest marks in M.P & H.S Exam
Sushil Kumar Mondal Memorial Award Santosh Kumar Mondal (A.T) Highest marks in History in H.S Exam
Gopi Mohan Sau Arun Kumar Sau (A.T) Highest marks in Commerce in H.S Exam
Sachindra Nath Mukhopadhyay Memorial Award Apurbalal Mukhopadhyay (A.T) Highest marks in in H.S Exam
Kshirod Ch. Pal & Manorama Pal Memorial Award Mrs.Bula pal (A.T) Highest marks in Geography in H.S Exam
Excellence Award in Physical science Kamal Kumar Santra (A.T) Highest marks in physical science in Madhyamik Pariksha
Excellence Award in Best in Physics Surajit Chakraborty(A.T) Highest marks in Physics in H.S Exam
Bhabani Bagchi Memorial Award Nimai Bagchi (A.T) Highest marks in BEBM in H.S Exam
Shobharani Devi Memorial Award Mrs. Arpita Guha (A.T) Highest marks in Philosophy in H.S Exam
Karuna Marik Memorial Award Mrs. Sreetama Marik Highest marks in Nutrition in H.S Exam
Excellence Award in English Dukshoharan Thakur Chakroborty (Ex-H.M) Above 80% marks in English in M.P and Highest marks in English in H.S Exam from every stream.
Award of Excellence Prof. Ajit Biswas and Prof Srimati Biswas 80 % marks in any subject in M.P Exam.


  • Rakhal Chandra Roy, Amiya, Sudhir Chandra Pal, Chandipada Acharya, Panchanan Parui, Becharani Dutta had given scholarships for the students.
  • Dr. Sudhir Chandra Ghosh and Bani Ghosh Memorial Scholarship worth Rs. 25,000 has been donated by Santi Sudha Ghosh. This Scholarship is given each year
    among students from the interest earned of that money.
  • Ex- Students Dr. Madhusudan Bhattacharya, Ex-Dean of Engineering, Jadavpur University gives Rs.1,000 scholarship each year.